Unlocking the Potential of Digital Agriculture

From the report “Rising to Transform Agricultural Production – How Agrochemical Titans Unlock the Potential of Digital Agriculture?”, of Yating Jiang, published at AgNews

Digital agriculture is emerging, and agrochemical players, ranging from small tech start-ups to large multinational giants, are racing to explore how digital tools can empower agricultural production.

Variations in factors, such as climate, soil, water, diseases and insect pests, and prices, mean that growers need to access different solutions to raise yields and income, which is precisely where digital agricultural tools can help. Digital tools offer a wide range of services, from seeding recommendations, disease early warning, agronomic analysis, well-informed decisions and financial management.

As the digital agriculture system becomes increasingly sophisticated and is promoted extensively, crop protection, the main business of agrochemical companies, will suffer more or less. BASF, Bayer, and Syngenta are all developing more pay-for-use business models, such as a result-oriented pricing service. The digital agriculture platforms of the three companies share a similar objective, to provide the crop planting process with intelligent agricultural decisions based on digital technology, therefore, increasing yields.