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mediterranea de agroquimicos

Starting its activity in 1994, Mediterránea de agroquímicos is a commodity specialist for fertilizer manufacturing.

Our main products are biostimulants (humic acids, amino acids, etc.), phytoregulators, from sources of total confidence and competitive prices.

We also deal with other agrochemical products, according to the needs of our customers, as organo-mineral mixtures, and formulations of minor elements (iron, zinc, calcium, etc).

We have long experience in international trade, supplying customers on different countries worldwide with products of excellent ratio quality/price.

Mediterranea de agroquímicos is a small company where we prefer to give a friendly and personalized service to our clients and acquaintances, rather than to set sales targets monthly, quarterly or annually.


simple elements



multiple correctors

secondary elements /minor elements

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primary fertilizers

NPKs primary elements



auxins - gibberellins - cytoquinins - abscisic acid

pomes8 scaled

other phytoregulators

triacontanol - brassinolides - chitosan - PGA - glycine betaine

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If you have questions or want something from us, please contact us:

Mediterranea de agroquimicos

C/ Independència, 2, 6, 2

08225 Terrassa (BCN)


tf.  937342788



Privacy: The website https://www.mediterraneadeagroquimicos.cat belongs to Mediterránea de agroquímicos, does not include cookies , and does not collect any data of visitors.

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