Farm precission management software

From the articles “Precision Ag Explained” and “Do-It-Yourself” Management Zone Creation Tool – FARMserver“, of Becks Hybrids

The precision ag concept is really quite simple. Precisely monitor cropping variables, collect data concerning those variables, analyze the data, and then use the learned information to increase productivity on the farm. For example, variable seed and nitrogen rate applications started in the mid-1990s, but since then farmers have had limited ability to create management zones and write customized prescriptions efficiently. “Since the inception of precision agriculture, farmers have struggled with the time commitment and investment that came with outsourcing their zone management and product and rate assignments,” said Jim Shertzer, FARMserver Lead. “Through a series of step-by-step instructions, the Management Zone Creation Tool will provide farmers the capability to analyze field maps based on historical data, and then create zones to generate variable rate prescriptions for multiple fields at the same time.”