Cumulative Stress Index Alerts

From the report «Ceres Imaging Announces New Cumulative Stress Index Alerts», by PrecisionAg

Currently there are some firms worldwide running out the image technology diagnostic in crops, by joining the dron and IA technologies.

Ceres Imaging has announced the release of its new Cumulative Stress Index, that combines Ceres Imaging’s various imagery indices to assess overall plant stress over a growing season and strongly correlates to yield results.

Ceres Imaging has developed a mix of techniques from computer vision and convolutional neural networks, to extract canopy data from individual trees. When Ceres Imaging flies its planes over farms, it captures multiple spectrums of light, including visible, near-infrared, and thermal infrared data. Combining this imagery and processing it to extract insights about water, chlorophyll and other stress indicators, the information is reported to customers over the course of a growing season.

For example, the Cumulative Stress Index was used by an almond grower in the San Joaquin Valley to understand the differences in yield between two adjacent fields with 8 to 10 percent difference on the Cumulative Stress Index. The management team confirmed that yield differences between the two fields matched the 8-10% difference in the indexes. Using the Ceres Imaging Water Stress Index, they concluded that water stress was a major contributor to yield differentials.