Feeding preference of Aphis gossypii on melon varieties

From the report “Feeding Preference of Aphis gossypii Glover on Different Melon Varieties“, of XU Dan-dan, ZHANG You-jun, WANG Huai-song, WANG Shao-li, published at China vegetables.

Melon or Cotton Aphid, Aphis gossypii. Image from Oklahoma State University

In order to compare the anti-aphid melon varieties, 7 varieties were compared by combination of preference selection on leaf discs in laboratory and the population dynamics on plants in the open field.
The results showed that differences of feeding and oviposition preferences of Aphis gossypii Glover have been observed among the 7 melon cultivars.
The aphids on‘ Yangjiaomi’ and‘ IVF437’ were lower2-3 aphids, with the choice rate of 5. 54%-7. 38% after 2 hours feeding. After 12 hours, there were 5. 50 and 14. 00 nymph aphids observed on ‘Yangjiaomi’ and ‘IVF437’, respectively, showing that the preferences for‘ Yangjiaomi’ and‘ IVF437’ of A. gossypii were significantly lower than that of the other varieties. Same trend were observed for the choice trial on leaf discs after 24 hours.
In addition, the population of A. gossypii increased continuously on 7 melon plants and the aphids on‘ IVF437’ plants were 827. 00 after 15 days, exhibiting the lowest quantities.
In conclusion, ‘IVF437’ and‘ Yangjiaomi’ had higher anti-aphid traits than the rest tested varieties in this study. The results will provide scientific basis for the plantation and breeding of melon aphid-resistant varieties.