Effect of different biostimulants on Vigna sp.

From the report “Humic Acid, Protein Hydrolysate & Microorganisms as a Mixed Consortium in Plant Growth“, of Ramya Dinesh E., Pushparani A., Rajendran P., Raju S., Sriranjani S., and Sruthi I., published in INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY.

Three groups of 6 pots and one control were prepared by filling humic acid, groundnut oil cake, protein hydrolysate and microorganisms in different concentrations with green gram (Vigna radiate) and black gram (Vigna mungo) seeds to check the plant growth and plant height is measured and compared with other pots. Although all the ingredients are useful and stimulate the plant growth, adding microorganisms and nutrient will facilitate the plant growth better when compared to chemical fertilizer. Using biofertilizers we can keep the agricultural land unpolluted and helps in producing healthy products with high yield.

Optimization of plant growth Rate in Green Gram:

Optimization of plant Growth Rate in Black Gram