Dix excellentes idées à retenir

Du le report “Dix excellentes idées à retenir” du André Carrier,  Conseiller régional en horticulture du Quebec, publié a le journal Vision agricole. Voici dix excellentes idées à retenir en matière de cultures abritées et d’horticulture : Cultures abritées 1. Lutte biologique contre les maladies Il y a 35 à 40 ans, la lutte aux…

Weeds for bees?

From the report “Weeds for bees? A review“, of Vincent Bretagnolle and Sabrina Gaba, published at Agronomy for Sustainable Development There is clear evidence that agricultural intensification has led to the loss of biodiversity, a decline in landscape diversity with the disappearance of semi-natural elements of all types, and ultimately a reduction in ecosystem functioning….