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humic acids, amino acids, seaweed extracts

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humic acids , seaweed extracts



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slow release granules

Max HumiBuild

Max HumiBuild

MAX HumiBuild is excellent for soil conditioning, but it can only be used through direct soil application or drip irrigation. Available in a round (2-4 mm) granular, and also in powder form.

Specifications :

Total Humic Extract (Dry Basis)   60 % w/w

Humic acids                                   50 % w/w

Fulvic acids                                     10 % w/w

Moisture  : 20 % w/w

Particle size : 1-2 mm


MAX BlackPearl – Humic acid (granular)

MAX BlackPearl is an excellent slow release fertilizer for soil conditioning. It is a shiny, round, brown granular fertilizer.

Total Humic Extract    25 % w/w

Humic acids                20 % w/w

Fulvic acids                   5 % w/w

Amino Acids                 8 % w/w

NPK                              17 % w/w

Organic Matter          25 % w/w

Particle Diameter:      2-4 mm

MAX SeaOwner – seaweed extract

Specifications :

Alginic Acid              4 % w/w

Organic Matter       45 % w/w

NPK                         5.5 % w/w

Ca+Mg+S               10 % w/w

Micro elements         0.2 % w/w


MAX SeaOwner is derived from natural Ascophyllum Nodosum. This product has many features, such as totally decomposition when applied, high contents of medium trace elements, hard particles, large volume, low water content, slow and controlled-release properties, safety by handling, and high efficiency.


mediterranea de agroquimicos

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